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To enquire about employment and training opportunities with N.E.S. Services Ltd, please complete the form below. Successful applicants will be contacted by a member of staff to discuss opportunities further otherwise details will be kept on record and applicants considered at a future date for positions which may arrise.

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All static staff (except covert) will wear the company uniform comprising of shirt, tie, jumper and trousers. The predominant colour of the uniform is black. The company name is shown as N.E.S Services on the jumper.

All security staff are issued with ID cards showing company details, recent photograph, issue date, expiry date, name, staff number, and signature. This card is worn or carried by all staff, including covert.

Door supervisors wear the required uniform and brand of the client, or the standard NES uniform. All door supervisors are trained in, Unit 1 - roles and responsibilities and Unit 2 - conflict management, in accordance with the Security Industry Authority (SIA).